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ricky and jane wedding (8)

Scripps Forum in La Jolla, CA is a dream wedding venue. The large, floor-to-ceiling windows reflect the expansive Pacific Ocean in a way that challenges anyone who is there to ponder if anyone can have a more beautiful backdrop to say “I do”.

Ricky and Jane are adventurous people and long-time friends. They’re ambitious dreamers who have a passion for traveling and the arts and I have no doubt that they will make an incredible couple that will make their mark on anywhere they visit or live.

Check out their Scripps Pier engagement!


michelle and alex (11)

At Scripps Pier and Forum. My personal favorite place to shoot weddings and engagements.

Michelle is a dear friend of mine and she recently got hitched with Alex in China this summer. These shots were taken last year and although there was no ring on her finger at the time, I’d like to think that these photos helped seal the deal with them.

Congratulations Chooch.


Scripps at dusk

Visually speaking, there is not a lot going on when the sun is setting in the west and there are no clouds in San Diego. It goes down over a flat horizon and then hits the ocean without exploding into a fiery skystorm.  But if you’re patient and can wait for a few more minutes after it dips over the edge, you’ll begin to see a nice deep orange to blue gradient that eventually fades to black. It doesn’t last for very long but it is still amazing to behold.