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steven and katie (3)

A wedding in Menifee, CA.


Not too long ago, I did Steven and Katie’s engagement. Steven’s a chef. He met Katie at a dance and they first got together to the song “Rock Lobster” by The B-52s. So throughout this whole process of culling and editing their photos from their wedding, I couldn’t get that ridiculous song out of my head. Thanks guys.

The wedding was held in beautiful Menifee, CA at the family residence. Katie’s parents did an utterly amazing job at turning their property into a beautiful venue and if I were getting married any time soon I’d look into booking it for sure (and last I heard, they ARE booking).

Steven and Katie, you were an absolute joy to work with and it is no surprise to me. You guys were full of joy the entire day, even when the photo sessions got long. You did nothing but laugh, play, and enjoy each other. I wish you guys the best.

And it wasn’t a rock. It was a ROCK LOBSTER.

Okay, well these are dogs. But on with the pics (kudos to my second shooter Connie Lyu who is just oozing with talent):