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fall scallops

Can you believe it? I have my very own dish at one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego! For a limited time, “Fall Scallops” (the dish that got me my MasterChef apron!) will be at Urban Solace for you to try. And the best part is that the proceeds of the dish go to a very worthy San Diego charity: Mama’s Kitchen.

Don’t delay, make your reservation soon and let me know how the dish is!

fall scallops

The Gallery Project 2012 (2)

I was approached by Mama’s Kitchen to take a series of portraits of the organization’s main pillars: volunteers, donors, and clients. Throughout the month long process of making these images, I got to learn about an entire network of human beings who are not only dedicated to helping MK’s mission but thrilled to be doing it. On May 11, 2012, the portraits were displayed at MK’s biggest fundraiser of the year: Mama’s Day.

See the finished gallery space images here.