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crispy noodle stir fry

The Sam Livecast is an internet cooking show hosted by Sam the Cooking Guy. While it always has food, it’s not always about food. Every episode is different like the proverbial snowflake but what ties each show together is the recipe that Sam makes at the end. It’s a program unlike any other. We broadcast three times a week (M, W, Th 6P Pacific) we cook three new recipes in three one-hour long shows. Every recipe is done live on the show and every photograph is done right after filming on the same kitchen counter that it was made. And of course, every dish is then promptly consumed by yours truly.



Part two of the series on ingredients. View the first part here.


Have you ever thought to look at the things that we eat? Especially the things that are grown from nature? They are beautiful to behold and gorgeous to look at. Often times, they are works of art within themselves. This series on ingredients focuses on food in a very unadulterated manner.

Ingredients Part II

"Flower" Corn Tortilla, Caron Golden, San Diego

A shot from the recent livecast with Caron Golden, a local food blogger in San Diego who makes these amazing corn tortillas with a pressed edible flower inside.