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_MG_2324 copy

Okay, okay so I’ve been shirking a little on posting here but I promise I’ve been up to some photography recently.

Not too long ago I was asked by Ruth (who has made numerous appearances in this blog so far here, here, and here) if I was interested in helping her get some fashion photography done for her sister’s portfolio. How could I pass that up? Rachel (Ruth’s sister) is a stellar model and a real natural in front of the camera. I got a chance to play with some solid lights (Profoto D1 500ws) and showcase a beautiful model with some original clothing and intricate makeup work. Plus, I get to try a genre of photography I’ve never really explored before. So, as a tribute to the tyro-like nature of this shoot, I decided to include the background and all of it’s wrinkled, imperfect glory, along with all the strobes in the photos. I love the rustic and rugged appeal of the shots and I didn’t have to worry about editing them out.

Model: Rachel
MUA/Clothing: Ruth
Knit Clothing: Becca (the older sister)