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Picture this: you’re on a farm. There’s a world-class chef preparing a multi-course meal for you from locally sourced ingredients (some as close as 100 ft away). Everything is fresh, the wine and cocktails are amazing, and the weather is beautiful. This is what Outstanding in the Field does all across the United States. Their mission is to reconnect the diners to the land and origins of their food while honoring those who produce it.

For San Diego, they chose to host the dinner at Olivewood Gardens in National City: a gorgeous urban farm located in a lower-middle class neighborhood. While the majestic trees, bountiful gardens, and small chicken coop provide a beautiful contrast to its surroundings, it also provides education about farming and healthy eating habits to the folks in the community. Brian Malarkey of Top Chef fame and popular downtown restaurant Searsucker was the day’s head chef. He and his team made a spectacular meal fit for a king and queen (there was so much good food): grilled octopus, chorizo/manchego-stuffed squash blossoms, clams & mussels with a local beer broth, tuna with spring peas and new potatoes, an unctuous BBQ pork main course using fresh peaches and a wicked bacon-aise cole slaw.

Don’t worry, if you’re still having a hard time picturing it, I got you covered.