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Tomato colors: deep red, canary yellow, skyfire orange, and light greens. Reduce those down to greys and blacks and all I see are the stems that are so intricate and artistic all on their own.


Former chef at Mugaritz and the most recent sous chef at the blazing hot Atera Restaurant in New York City, Zach Hunter, flew back to San Diego to hang out with his old crew to put on an amazing 9-course (plus 4 snacks) pop up dinner at Delicias in Rancho Santa Fe, CA. Chef Hunter has plans to move to Austin, TX soon where he will be working on an unnamed project. I wish I was in that loop because it’s going to be undoubtedly special no matter what it’s called.

d bar cake

Another amazing shoot at D Bar: a restaurant run by Chef Keegan Gerhard of Food Network Challenge.


Apple varietal: the rare, the common, and the heirloom.

A study in color, form, lighting, and theme. Minimization of composition and elements.