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ricky and jane engagement (1)

Ricky and Jane’s engagement was private, intimate, and secluded. It was on Scripps Pier–a stretch of lumber and bolts that very few civilians get to travel on. The night was brisk, rain had just fallen, and bioluminescence was everywhere, igniting the water bright blue.


michelle and alex (11)

At Scripps Pier and Forum. My personal favorite place to shoot weddings and engagements.

Michelle is a dear friend of mine and she recently got hitched with Alex in China this summer. These shots were taken last year and although there was no ring on her finger at the time, I’d like to think that these photos helped seal the deal with them.

Congratulations Chooch.



The day was gorgeous. Small puffs of clouds dotted the sky and you could hear ocean waves crash on the sandy seashore for miles. Part of the way though this shoot I can’t help but thank God that I get to do this for a living.

Jeff & Christine love the La Jolla shores like they love each other. You ask them what they do for fun and they’ll talk about going to the cove or joke about hanging out on the couch. It’s not long before you realize that it doesn’t matter what they do–they simply enjoy each other’s company.