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The most interesting thing about Las Vegas isn’t the gambling or lights. The most interesting sights tend to be the various textures and looks each hotel and casino decides upon when building their own look. Every building on the strip is unique and it is meant to be that way. Each characteristic is intended to draw you in for a closer look. As I see it, that makes for great snapshots.


In the flats of the Midwest sits a charming city called St. Louis. It happens to contain one of the most breathtaking monuments of this country: The Gateway Arch.


Chicago is one of those cities that feigns big. Don’t get me wrong, they have the United Center, grandiose architecture, two Major League Baseball teams, and a plethora of high class restaurants. However, nestled in the giant skyrises and dense condominiums there lies a calming peacefulness about it. I think of it as a less pretentious New York City and frankly, I’d choose Chi-town over the Big Apple for my next vacation.