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Here’s my friend Tiffany. She’s recently engaged and set to graduate college this June. I’ll let you take a guess where we went to take these shots. Here’s a hint though: it’s one of my favorite places to be and it’s a small town by the beach in San Diego (and I’ll list it down below right after the pictures). Fun fact: I hate balloons. They pop, loudly, when you least expect it and have that smell of latex which I think is disgusting. They also make that horrible squealing sound when they rub against one another and on hands. However, they do make fun, colorful props. And like any photographer worth his/her salt would say, “Do anything for the shot.”

Shot at Birdrock, CA 92037.


Fun. The word used to describe the day’s shots. Emily found a gorgeous setting near her house with tons of creative places to shoot and it was a blast. There was a lakeside, some trees, and a couple corridors blanketed with colorful street art (or graffiti, or tagging, or whatever you want to call it, it was beautiful). It was nice to be able to use multiple backgrounds in a single location and the area was shaded enough to use the flash for lighting but also lit well enough to use the gorgeous afternoon light. But I digress, here are the shots.