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I have so many more weddings, engagements, and projects going this year than I had last year. I guess that is why the blog has been lacking attention recently. A lot of marketers will say that the blog indicates how active you are and shows what you’re doing to the client the most. I promise I haven’t been dormant since October (the last blog post date). I’m still booking weddings for the 2012 season, I’m not going to have many slots left but I am hardly booking every week so I have a lot of potential dates open. My resolution this year is to show everyone what’s been going on. I have a lot of work that I’m really proud of and it’s a shame it gets buried among the other bits of data on my laptop.


Chicago is one of those cities that feigns big. Don’t get me wrong, they have the United Center, grandiose architecture, two Major League Baseball teams, and a plethora of high class restaurants. However, nestled in the giant skyrises and dense condominiums there lies a calming peacefulness about it. I think of it as a less pretentious New York City and frankly, I’d choose Chi-town over the Big Apple for my next vacation.


Here’s my friend Tiffany. She’s recently engaged and set to graduate college this June. I’ll let you take a guess where we went to take these shots. Here’s a hint though: it’s one of my favorite places to be and it’s a small town by the beach in San Diego (and I’ll list it down below right after the pictures). Fun fact: I hate balloons. They pop, loudly, when you least expect it and have that smell of latex which I think is disgusting. They also make that horrible squealing sound when they rub against one another and on hands. However, they do make fun, colorful props. And like any photographer worth his/her salt would say, “Do anything for the shot.”

Shot at Birdrock, CA 92037.


This amazing city: not too busy, not too slow. Change of scenery is an arms length away and to “get away” you simply have to walk down the block or drive to the nearest beach-side cliff. I love San Diego, California.