• Pavlova, cherry riseling syrup, fig, mascarpone sorbet


A pavlova was the dessert that sent me home from MasterChef: a simple, sugary meringue made of egg whites, corn starch, and sugar. When I came home, I was determined to make a dish out of it that didn’t suck. It’s funny how much better things can get if you have a couple more hours to prep and a few more moments to think about it.

Pavlova, cherry-vanilla Riesling syrup, pistachio crumble, mascarpone sorbet, figs.


2 Responses to “Pavlova”

  1. Hi lynn.. Love to see you in masterchef. Greetings from indonesia, im cicky. So sad when see u left from masterchef. And for wild card episode ? Oh gosh.. i really hope that u will come back to masterchef.


  2. Everyone was in shock to see you leave MasterChef. We can really tell your journey is not long enough. You should go back and prove yourself again. Think about it though, I’m really telling you, you could have got it man!


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