“Fall Scallops” at Urban Solace 7/1-7/14 in San Diego

Can you believe it? I have my very own dish at one of the most popular restaurants in San Diego! For a limited time, “Fall Scallops” (the dish that got me my MasterChef apron!) will be at Urban Solace for you to try. And the best part is that the proceeds of the dish go to a very worthy San Diego charity: Mama’s Kitchen.

Don’t delay, make your reservation soon and let me know how the dish is!

fall scallops

2 Responses to ““Fall Scallops” at Urban Solace 7/1-7/14 in San Diego”

  1. Pinned the heck out of this. The styling. Is perfect. That plate is as good as any of the modernist plating I’ve seen anywhere. And I see a lot. I have a whole collection of images to inspire me if one day I decide to branch out & experiment with the style myself (or at least attempt to synthesize it w/ my own)… and I just want you to know that’s as good as anything I’ve seen. Do that. More.


    • Thanks Beth! Those are very, very nice words and I’m really just honored that you’re checking out the blog. Your styling is freaking great, and when you start to “branch out” I know you’ll be good at whatever that branch is… and it’s going to be bad… like Michael Jackson bad.

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