• Mama's Day Gallery Project
  • Mama's Day Gallery Project
  • Mama's Day Gallery Project

The Mama’s Day 2012 Gallery Project

On Friday, I got to see my work exhibited for a great cause at Mama’s Day 2012, the premiere fundraising event for Mama’s Kitchen. I only got to snap a few shots of the gallery space with my phone before the battery died but it was very humbling to see it all come together after a few months of planning and shooting.

The gallery was Heather Bowden’s (chair for MD2012) brainchild and a first for this long-running fundraiser. It was meant to show that Mama’s Kitchen’s greatest resources are the human beings that volunteer, donate, and benefit from it. I was told that previous Mama’s Day events didn’t include a prominent visual basis for the organization but with the gallery project at this year’s event, it quite literally gave a face to the cause–hopefully spurring more donations and creating a bigger impact.

Check out mamaskitchen.org to see how you can donate or volunteer.

Selected works from the final images

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