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Hotel Heaven

I almost never shoot shots in HDR. There’s something gimmicky about it. I rarely see it done in a way that it enhances the photos but there are certain times when the technique is absolutely mandatory. This is just a 3-shot HDR done 2-stops under, even, and 2-stops over. A properly exposed shot, according to the camera’s meter, will result in a blown out sky and a darker foreground. But on this day, where the sky was drop-dead gorgeous, I couldn’t get the image I wanted unless I stacked various exposures. This was a manual HDR done in Photoshop. All the areas I wanted to hide were masked away from each exposure resulting in the final image below.

This is L’Auberge Del Mar, one of the most beautiful hotels in San Diego. It’s got a great view (if you can imagine, the right side is the Pacific Ocean) and an amazing restaurant.

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