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MIHO Redecorated

It’s no secret that I love me some food truck! San Diego’s food scene has recently caught up with the rest of it’s big city cousins by offering a wide array of quality (no roach coaches here) food trucks that roam around the city. It is a perfect complement to art events, nightlife, and even a stylish way to cater food. My personal favorite was introduced to me by a friend who knew I loved to eat. Luckily it stops right across the street from where I work on the best day of the week: Friday. MIHO Gastrotruck (mihogastrotruck.com) is one of the tastiest most charming trucks here in San Diego. Recently, their truck (lovingly named Lupita) got a makeover by some local designers and it looks better than ever. I dig all the small details of the knick-knacks they own and the bright vivid colors of the sweet typography they have on the plexiglass. The food? Well it’s been good since day one.

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