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L’Auberge Del Mar New Year’s Party and Kitchen 1540

L’Auberge Del Mar is a beautiful resort and spa in the San Diego area. It is located within strolling distance from the water and houses one of the best restaurants in the city. I was excited to be part of their New Year’s event and the foodie in me was even more excited to get a behind-the-scenes peak at Kitchen 1540 (you may recall the turducken nugget shoot I did with them recently). The staff at the hotel was incredibly accommodating and if they treat the guests as well as they treated me, then whoever decides to stay at L’Auberge for the night is in for an incredible experience. On New Year’s Eve, they threw one heck of a party too. The music and entertainment was fantastic, the dancing was energetic, and from what I heard, the dinner was delicious.

It was interesting ringing in the new year with 250+ strangers. This was the first time I spent it away from friends but lucky for me, I got to make a few new ones. Most importantly I was able to begin 2011 with my camera in hand doing what I love. Enjoy the pictures everyone and thanks for having me L’Auberge and Kitchen 1540.

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