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San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival: Chef of the Fest

The San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival was an incredibly fun event to shoot. It’s no secret I love food. I even have a food blog I update once in a while (you can check it out at epicdinner.com) so when I found out that my press assignment for the festival was the main event I was excited to say the least. The Grand Tasting Event is the highlight of the SD Bay Food and Wine Festival and many of the finest restaurants in San Diego come out to compete for the “Chef of the Fest.” Judging begins right away with a armada of culinary professionals going around to taste everyone’s dishes. If you’re lucky enough to make the top 20, then you get one more shot to present your dish to the final panel of judges which included Sophie Gayot, a well-respected food critic (gayot.com).

It was an honor to follow the judges around in the rain and talk to some the finest culinary minds in San Diego. From what I gathered and saw, San Diego has a very bright future when it comes to food and dining. The SD Bay Food and Wine Festival didn’t disappoint on any level. Even when it was dumping rain, the music was jumping and the patrons were having a ton of fun. How could you not with all this goodness in front you?

Please let me know if you would like to use an image for promotional or personal use (these images are copyrighted) via my contact page or email me at mailbox@lynnchyi.com.

4 Responses to “San Diego Bay Food and Wine Festival: Chef of the Fest”

  1. Nice work Lynn. Great capture.


  2. Hey Lynn,
    Such great moments, even in the rain! Thank you for sharing and for doing such a beautiful job for so many of us at the festival.

    Sweet Cheeks Baking Co.


  3. […] if you’re lucky enough to score some tickets to the “Chef of the Fest” (photos here) Grand Tasting event on Saturday, you’re in for one amazing eating and drinking experience. […]


  4. Thanks Joey and Elaine!


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