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Tiffany and Jeff: Engaged

Click on a shot to go through the gallery. Use the left & right arrows to go back and forth.

Congratulations you guys, wish you the best of luck!


4 Responses to “Tiffany and Jeff: Engaged”

  1. Jeff and Tiffany – Congratulations!!! The picures are great. Jeff you’re so romantic!! . . .Tiffany, you’re ring is beautiful and so are you. . . suddenly, I feel very old. Dave, Cedar, Sierra and I are very happy for you both.


  2. Congratulations, Jeff and Tiffany! I love the pictures. What a great location. We’re so happy for both of you. Enjoy your engagement.
    Love…The Carreiros


  3. Hey Jeff and Tiffany,
    Congratulations! Hope you two are happy together. Are you thinking about having kids? Please do. I don’t want to be the second yongest in the Miyoshi family anymore.
    P.S. Sierra says, “Congratulations Super Bad Cat and Tiffany!”


  4. Tiffany & Jeff,
    Congratulations on your engagement! So clever and thoughtful with that proposal, ya super bad cat!! I must add that you two are very blessed with such fantastic and supportive friends. Love the photography too–most definitely captures the moment!



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